Our classroom is one without walls.  It includes our traditional classroom at Coolnagreina but also includes the country of Ireland itself.  The Irish Studies Program takes advantage of a marvelous country that has a rich heritage.  The program offers students opportunities to experience the history and culture in first hand fashion.  Museums, theatres, concert halls, castles, monasteries, abbeys, national parks, ancient burial grounds, bogs, geographic landmarks, important jails, and universities lend themselves as classrooms for a truly integrated program.

A rigorous academic semester is integrated with an enriching student development program, including both Irish and Taylor University faculty. All of the courses offered
fulfill various general education requirements.

Irish History (history credit) 3 hrs
Irish Literature (literature credit) 3 hrs
Contemporary Ireland (social science civic engagement credit) 3 hrs
Celtic Christianity (Historic Christian Belief credit) 3 hrs
Hiking (PHP credit) 1 hr
Irish Dancing & Drum (participation in the arts credit) 1 hr
Living Cross-Culturally (cross-cultural credit) 2 hrs


Course Descriptions:

Irish History, Contemporary Ireland, Irish Literature, and Celtic Studies comprise the core of the Irish Studies Program course of study. The study is enriched with exposure to Ireland’s fine arts, exploration of the land, and experience with her people. Reflection for personal growth and a deeper understanding of another culture develops through residence life and a cross-cultural seminar.

ISP 220   Contemporary Ireland (3 credit hours)
(meets civic engagement requirement for general education)

This course entails an investigation into the theory and application of contemporary Irish society. This includes a study of the geographic, social, cultural, political, artistic, and religious aspects of Ireland.  Attention will also be paid to an understanding of historical conflict and reconciliation especially as it is currently being played out in Northern Ireland and its effects on the people in the Republic. Exploration of these topics occurs through involvement with Irish people, engagement in cultural activities, studying the history, culture, geography, and literature of Ireland, conversations with one another, as well as personal journaling.

HIS 225/325  History of Ireland  (3 credit hours)
(meets history requirement for general education/upper division credit available for qualified students)

This course will deal with the different people who became permanent settlers in Ireland over the centuries and of the contribution that each has made to the development of an Irish society and economy and to a distinctive Irish artistic and political life. The early lectures will consider the Celts, the Vikings and the Anglo-Normans, but the principal focus will be on the modern centuries with a detailed treatment of English and Scottish Protestant settlements in Ireland, the interaction of these settlers, and their decedents with the Catholic population. Special attention will be given to the major conflicts that occurred, especially those of 1642-52, the 1790’s and the current conflict in Northern Ireland. Finally, consideration will be given to the Anglo-Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War.

ISP 320  Living Cross Culturally (2 credit hours)
(Meets cross cultural requirement for general education)

This course intends to help students reflect on their values, attitudes, and behaviors and those of their home culture in comparison to the Irish culture. Students are encouraged to develop understanding of and adaptation to a different culture as well as empathize with persons from that culture. Personal development through this process is emphasized.

ISP 355  Celtic Studies   (3 credit hours)
(meets Historic Christian Belief requirement for general education)

A survey of Christian belief as developed during the history of the church with a special focus on Medieval Christianity in Ireland.  May substitute for REL 313 as a Gen Ed requirement.

ISP 250  Participation in the Arts  (1 credit hour)
(meets participation in the arts requirement for general education)

This course introduces the student to part of the Irish cultural heritage through dance and music. Students will learn the basics of Irish dancing and playing the bodhran drum.

ISP 230/330 Irish Literature (3 / 4 credit hours)
(meets literature requirement for general education/upper division credit available for qualified students)

This course concentrates upon literature written by Irish writers within Irish contexts and landscapes– intellectual and emotional when not physical. Assignments exploit unique opportunities available while studying in Ireland itself, adjacent to England. More complicated is the colonial influence upon Ireland, the island’s currently divided space; “the troubles,” and the connection between high art and popular expression. Thus, a focus of the course will be how the search for a literary voice not only parallels, but indeed facilitates the search for a national Irish identity. Acknowledging writers’ interest in Gaelic language and culture, we will read works in English. Noting the role of musical performances in pubs and the rhetoric of the public sphere, we will concentrate upon fiction, poetry, and drama.

ISP 200  Hill Climbing  (1 credit hour)
(meets physical education skills requirement for general education)

This course is designed to introduce students to a variety of basic techniques and principles necessary for a safe and enjoyable hiking experience as well as promote a lifelong activity that aids in developing a healthy life style. Particular areas of content include gear selection, basic land navigation skills, hiking technique, trip planning, Leave No Trace ethic, and first aid. Students will be expected to complete a variety of reading assignments as well as keep a journal of their hiking experiences.


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